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Re: Bug#4329: Emacs has hardcoded path for jka-compr, breaks at upgrade

Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> writes:

> On Sat, 31 Aug 1996, Ian Jackson wrote:
> > [1] Yes, I know it was probably deliberate, but American middle-endian
> > date-formats are stupid and confusing and I want them stamped out.
> > 
> You have better things to do than to stamp about for the rest of your
> life. Also, you will never get anyone's attention when you address them as
> "Hey stupid!".
> No matter that I understand your desire to have sortable dates, I will
> continue to write my checks with middle-endian dates, if for no other
> reason than that, otherwise, my "stupid" bank will not be able to cash it.

1) Middle endian dates *are* stupid.  Ian didn't say the people using
them were (though I have my suspicions about what he really thinks :>)

2) For now (probably forever), we in America, in many areas, are stuck
with them.

3) People should be encouraged not to use them.

3) If you use the format "23 Aug 1996", even the bank can figure it out.

4) This is not a big deal.  Use the better format when you can, and
use the stupid one when you have to.

5) Debian should use either the big or little endian format and always
use four digits for the year.  That way we won't have trouble when the
millenium hits, and you can always tell by looking if it's big or
little endian.


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