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Re: 'nother glitch with new source format...

Michael Alan Dorman writes ("'nother glitch with new source format..."):
> I've almost finished converting a whole package---the only thing I
> lack is a completed .changes file.
> When running dpkg-buildpackage on my testbed, I get the following:
> ...
> dpkg-genchanges: error: package ncftp has section  in control file but
> - in files list
> ...
> The problem, I guess, is obvious enough, but I feel unsure of why this
> is a problem (I thought we were being encouraged to leave section and
> priority and all that to the archive maintainer).

See the new policy manual,
<URL:file://localhost/usr/doc/dpkg/policy.html/ch-binarypkg.html>, and
read the section on `Section and Priority'.

The problem is due to a bug in dpkg-genchanges which should have
called this a warning rather than an error, and due to your failure to
suggest a section and priority.

> Once this can be resolved, I guess my only remaining complaint would
> be that the build process is (until I have time to really sit down
> with the tools and explore them and exactly what they do) just a touch
> on the opaque side.
> Which, I suppose just proves that Ian can't satisfy everyone all at
> once.

Have you found the right docs ?  Try the programmers' manual.


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