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Bug#4235: cpp, gcc, dpkg

root@iaehv.nl writes ("Bug#4235: cpp, gcc, dpkg "):
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ was this intentional ?
> Somehow installation with dpkg-ftp and the new cpp uninstalled my gcc
> package and look how dpkg selects on a dselect update.  This shouldn't
> happen.  Somehow gcc is too easily uninstalled because the conflict with
> the cpp package.  Another reason to remove the cpp thing from gcc and
> let it come in its own package and let gcc depend on it.

The problem with gcc and cpp is being discussed atm.

> # dselect update
> dpkg (subprocess): failed to exec C compiler `gcc': No such file or directory
> dpkg: subprocess gcc --print-libgcc-file-name returned error exit status 2

This is due to dpkg-ftp calling `dpkg --print-architecture' rather
than `dpkg --print-installation-architecture'.  I'm reassigning this
bug report.


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