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Re: Bruce - fiat required to end discussion on lyx/copyright ?

On Thu, 22 Aug 1996, Michael Meskes wrote:

> Ian Jackson writes:
> >      The aims of the policy detailed below are: 
> >         * That any user be able to rebuild any package in the official
> >           Debian distribution from the original source plus our patches.
> Ahem, this isn't exact enough IMO. With a standard Debian system I am able
> to rebuild LyX. 

But not "from the original source plus our patches".  That's the
crucial point.

> That's exactly the point. I cannot recompile any package that uses Motif
> since I don't have it. But I can recompile LyX since we have an xforms
> package available. 

We don't have an xforms package *freely* available.  If some Motif
vendor decided to start selling packages called motif and motif-dev, we
certainly wouldn't consider moving motif apps into the main
distribution.  Those new packages wouldn't be freely available.


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