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Re: $(ARCH)-debian-linux-gnu

> Erick Branderhorst writes ("$(ARCH)-debian-linux-gnu"):
>> Should we use $(ARCH)-debian-linux-gnu as parameter for ./configure
>> and $(ARCH)-debian-linux?  
>> If so can it specified in the guidelines.
>> If not what should we use?
> $(ARCH)-debian-linux, but $(ARCH) should usually be 486,
> shouldn't it ?
> I don't know what the $(ARCH) parameter changes with GNU software,
> when you vary it between 386, 486, 586, &c.

The GNU configure scripts usually match on i[3456]86-*-*) for
architecture support, so that's not a problem.

I usually do something like:

a = $(shell dpkg --print-architecture)

ifeq (i386,$(a))
arch = i486-debian-linux
arch = $(a)-debian-linux

build: config.status
	./configure --prefix=/usr $(arch)

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