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Re: fhs

rdm@tad.micro.umn.edu writes:
>>>      echo $HOME/Mailbox >$HOME/.forward
>Richard Kettlewell:
>>This is a bad idea if the home directory is NFS-mounted from a remote
>>system; IME file locking under NFS is very easy to get wrong.  (Not
>>that all mailers get locking right even on local file systems...)
>This is a symptom of flaws in NFS and in the standard unix mailbox
>format.  One possibility is to go to a more robust format (e.g.
>qmail's Maildir).  Another possibility is to live with NFS's failures

I think we'll be stuck with NFS's flaws for a while yet; to ignore
them would be unwise.  The same remark applies to mailbox formats,
though that should be easier to fix - I've not looked at qmail so I
have no opinion on whether it's done it well.

Richard Kettlewell   richard@greenend.org.uk   richard@elmail.co.uk

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