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Bug#4019: Decompression failure on Install Boot Disk

Package: Boot1440.bin
Version: Debian 1.1

I have been unable to boot from the boot1440.bin image.  I have tried

- downloaded the image from a variety of sources.
- used several different floppies
- erased (using dd if=/dev/zero ...) the floppies before writing the   
  image to them.
- formatted the floppies using a variety of tools

When I attempt to boot, I get the following:

 invalid compressed format (err=2)

Then it tells me that the system is halted.

I've tried entering boot options (such as 'linux ether=10,0x320,eth0').
When I do this, I get a slightly different error message:

 incomplete literal tree

Where do I go from here?

Chris Hertel -)-----

Christopher R. Hertel -)-----                   University of Minnesota
crh@nts.umn.edu              Networking and Telecommunications Services

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