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debian-changes list?

is there a delay on the debian-changes list or something? 

I sent 4 messages to it last night (3 package announcements, and 1 "oops,
try again" package announce) and NONE of them have showed up in my mailbox
yet...however, messages from other developers have shown up since then. 

could it be because i subscribed to the list as cas@muffin.pronet.com but
am now cas@taz.net.au?  (muffin.pronet.com is now a CNAME for taz.net.au
so I still _receive_ my mail OK...there are still some problems with lists
i subbed to last year from muffin)

Could whoever is maintaining the mailing lists change all
cas@muffin.pronet.com addresses to cas@taz.net.au?  Thank you!

BTW, the package announcements were for squid 1.0b16, par 1.50, and tkdesk
1.0b1 - so everyone who's been waiting for me to get off my arse and
upload the squid proxy/cache server no longer has to wait. 


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