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Re: Distribution-HOWTO entry for Debian

You write:

}This is only spelling fixes and similar stuff.

}MS>> the moment Debian Linux is only available for the IBM PC, but it
}MS>> is beeing worked on versions for Sparc, m68k and Alpha
}MS>> architectures.

}... but versions for Spark, m68k and Alpha are under development.


  Presently Debian Linux is available for the IBM PC architecture
  (386/486/Pentium) with versions for Sparc, m68k and Alpha
  architectures well under way.

}"being". Really.

Already fixed. Thanks anyway.

}[Personally, I'd prefer not to use absolutes like "the only X".]

}"on the Internet, in the spirit of"


  It is the only distribution of Linux that is being developed
  co-operatively by many individuals through the Internet, in the same
  spirit as Linux and other Free Software.

}"mirror" missing here.

Oops, who ate it? format? Wait...
I have modified the line, now the "mirror" occurs in the ascii version
as well. Thanks.


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