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Re: Bug#3236: auto-pgp in non-free, mailcrypt in misc

Dirk> Ian> We can't have packages that depend on non-free packages in the main
Dirk> Ian> distribution.  This will cause dselect problems for people without
Dirk> Ian> non-free.
Dirk> Right. That's why I reported the bug on mailcrypt being in
Dirk> unstable/binary-{all, i386}/misc.
Dirk> Ian> What we need is a free pgp to put in the main distribution. I haven't
Dirk> Ian> had time to do this yet - ie, package up 2.3a.
Dirk> That would be nice.

Hmm. This won't work legally. The US citizens would have an licensing problem
with RSA Inc (this was the main incentive to release pgp 2.6.*)


Perhaps we should move the main mirror into e.g. U.K and introduce a
non-us directory?

#endif	/* Sorry, couldn't resist */

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