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Bug#3236: auto-pgp in non-free, mailcrypt in misc

Dirk Eddelbuettel writes ("Bug#3236: auto-pgp in non-free, mailcrypt in misc"):
> Package: (ftp.debian.org)
> I am a little nitpicky here, but it is not too consistent that auto-pgp sits
> in non-free, and mailcrypt sits in binary-{i386,all}/misc. Both are GPLed and
> I recall that Ian J. wanted to have auto-pgp in non-free as pgp has to live
> there.
> Now, aren't we all in favour of pgp? Shouldn't we foster it's use? Shouldn't
> auto-pgp be moved out of the closet and into the limelight, next to mailcrypt?
> Comments? Ian?

We can't have packages that depend on non-free packages in the main
distribution.  This will cause dselect problems for people without

What we need is a free pgp to put in the main distribution.  I haven't
had time to do this yet - ie, package up 2.3a.


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