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Re: What's the not documented man page name?

branderh@debian.iaehv.nl writes:
 > > Then I will be able to make a gettext package that will have *.1 defined
 > > containing
 > the gettext package (version 0.10.16) is available at this moment, 
 > I uploaded it today, so you might take a look at that first.

I saw that. Don't worry...

 > > 	.so man1/notdocumented.1
 > > 
 > > This would be nice...
 > Perhaps it is nice, but I don't see what you want to establish with this.
 > Can you explain this?

Because when one does `man gettext' man answers that there's no manual
page for it. And if gettext.1 sourced (or was linked to) the notdocumented
man page, the user will have hints about what to try next (info, for


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