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uploaded dvi2tty_5.1-6_i386.deb to chiark

Date: 10 Jun 96 14:14 UT
Format: 1.5_
Distribution: unstable
Priority: Low
Maintainer: Erick Branderhorst <branderh@debian.org>
Source: dvi2tty
Version: 5.1-6
Binary:  dvi2tty
Architecture:  i386 source
 dvi2tty: Previewing dvi-files on text-only devices.
 -  If no options are passed output will be send to the pager defined in
 -  PAGER if specified. If no pager specified the output will go to pager.
 Mon Jun 10 12:54:08 1996  Erick Branderhorst  <branderh@debian.org>
        * debian.rules (binary): dpkg-name
        * debian.rules (binary): gzip manpages
        * applied dvi2tty.patch
 86ce336ee19da5334be4ba29bdc93610  37130  tex  -  dvi2tty-5.1-6.tar.gz
 9bba1bd55f43b1299daa2d1484ca84c2  32508  tex  -  dvi2tty-5.1-6.diff.gz
 29767e79788ee25f75d167d579e85773  1626  tex  -  dvi2tty-5.1-6.changes
 1465b805213f1a17e0c2a31a26fbcec7  16240  tex  optional  dvi2tty_5.1-6_i386.deb

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