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Octave-1.1.1-3 uploaded to master!

Thanks to a pointer from Carlos Carvalho I have a version 1.1.1 Octave
that runs as ELF. I disabled dld usage and now it seems to work fine!

Date: 07 Jun 96 22:06 UT
Format: 1.5
Distribution: unstable
Priority: Low
Maintainer: Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net>
Source: octave
Version: 1.1.1-3
Binary:  octave
Architecture:  i386 source
 octave: MATLAB-like interactive language for numerical computations.
Changes: removed dld from the package. It does not support ELF.
 33e1004962abe6a98b0a2a4f2adead06  2611320  math  -  octave-1.1.1-3.tar.gz
 9a4a1206eabdbfb4a5c3329e2b30804f  125673  math  -  octave-1.1.1-3.diff.gz
 87c6f41558368205e3be19ee5ae204d3  502  math  -  octave-1.1.1-3.changes
 f1e96ac3af7482f20c70101490158ce9  1793490  math  extra  octave-1.1.1-3.i386.deb

Parity on ...


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