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Re: Overrides confusions

Peter Tobias writes ("Re: Overrides confusions"):
> Ian Jackson wrote:
> > There are many packages in misc which IMO shouldn't be there.  lsof,
> > vlock and news should be in admin.  cdwrite should be in devel.  I'll
> > move these if noone objects.
> Why should cdwrite be in devel? It has nothing to do with "development".
> I prefer misc or admin.

cdwrite is for development of cd's, isn't it ?

I don't see how it fits into admin, so if it's not devel I suppose
misc will have to do.

Stephen Early writes ("Location of cdwrite package"):
> cdwrite ought to be in the same section as mkisofs.


So, should I put them both in misc then, or is devel appropriate ?


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