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Bug#3227: login refuses, and then allows, root login on tty?

Package: login
Version: 1.0-4

I installed this login package yesterday. Five minutes ago, I tried to login
on tty1 as root to check the new modconf out. "Root login refused." I was
puzzled and read some man pages. I also checked my /etc/securetty _but did
not change a thing_.

Being stubborn, I tried again. And succeeded with a login.  Is this really
the intended behaviour?

Here's the piece from /var/adm/auth.log:

Jun  5 16:29:20 miles login: LOGIN root REFUSED ON TTY tty??
Jun  5 16:29:49 miles last message repeated 2 times
Jun  5 16:38:11 miles login: ROOT LOGIN ON tty1

Dirk Eddelb"uttel                             http://qed.econ.queensu.ca/~edd

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