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Re: sysvinit vs. new powerd...

Michael Alan Dorman writes:
> I've got a need for a more sophisticated powerd than the one you
> include with sysvinit, so I'm packaging Alessandro Rubini's powerd for
> Debian.
> One obvious problem presents itself in that the new powerd has the
> same name, etc, as the one in sysvinit.  I see four ways to deal with
> this, and would like input:
>  1) split sysvinit into sysvinit and sysvinit-powerd.  Probably
> unpopular.
>  2) remove powerd from sysvinit entirely, and make the new powerd
> conflict with older versions.  Easy.
>  3) make powerd replace sysvinit powerd.  Also not unreasonable, but
> upgrading sysvinit could do unexpected things.
>  4) use update-alternatives to allow selecting one.  I don't know
> exactly what this entails.
> I favor #2 for its simplicity.  I feel certain David Engel would
> complain about #1 (and rightly so, IMHO).  #3 is really just a more
> dangerous variant of #2.  I'm not sure what the point of #4 would be.
> Have I missed anything?

I prefer the following approaches:

5) Package your powerd separately and use dpkg-divert to override the
one in sysvinit.

6) Same as 5.  When/if enough people like the new version, ask Miquel
to incorporate it into sysvinit.

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