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Re: sysvinit vs. new powerd...

You (Michael Alan Dorman) wrote:
> I've got a need for a more sophisticated powerd than the one you
> include with sysvinit, so I'm packaging Alessandro Rubini's powerd for
> Debian.
> One obvious problem presents itself in that the new powerd has the
> same name, etc, as the one in sysvinit.  I see four ways to deal with
> this, and would like input:
>  2) remove powerd from sysvinit entirely, and make the new powerd
> conflict with older versions.  Easy.

Yep, I think that is what should be done. I always felt that powerd should
be in a seperate package. If you tell me when your package is ready,
we can coordinate the releases of a new sysvinit and powerd where powerd
would depend on >= versions of the new sysvinit package.

I don't know what to do with users that actually use the old powerd-
but I don't think anybody _is_ using it at the moment.

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