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Bug#3205: mt pkg desc needs hint to user as to which to choose

>>>>> "Mike" == Mike Coleman <coleman@chez-gnu.cstp.umkc.edu> writes:

    Mike> The package descriptions for mt-st and
    Mike> cpio-st don't give any hint to a novice user as to which is
    Mike> to be preferred.  It looks to me, based on
    Mike> /usr/src/linux/drivers/scsi/README.st, that mt-st should be
    Mike> the preferred one.  If this is true, both package desc's
    Mike> should say something about this.

Here is what I propose.  Let's place GNU mt and rmt (from cpio-mt) in
the cpio package and retire the mt-st package.  Now that I have added
SCSI tape support to GNU mt, it does everything that mt-st does plus
more.  The cpio will become the Debian package for tape drive support,
and I shall modify the package description of cpio to stress this.

Ian Jackson has been trying to get me to do this for some time.  I've
been waiting until any bugs in GNU mt's SCSI features have been
eliminated.  Since I have not recently received any bug reports about
the new SCSI features, I am ready to recommend GNU mt as Debian's only
version of mt.  This should simplify the mt situation.

Brian <brian@debian.org>

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