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Re: Questions about a locale Debian package...

 > Christophe Le Bars writes:
 > > Indeed, we may use "/usr/lib/locale" for the compiled locales
 > > but we must then modify libc5... libc5 is just looking in the
 > > /usr/share/locale directory.
 > Please don't do this if you don't really have to. I'd prefer to make as few
 > changes as possible to the library itself. If it has to be in
 > /usr/lib/locale H.J. should change his upstream code.
 Ok, I've uploaded an alpha locale package in my directory on master...
 I use /usr/share/locale...
 But it's inconsistent with the base package which provide
 a empty /usr/lib/locale/en_GB directory...

 > > Last, I use the WG15-collection.tar collected by Keld Simonsen (keld@dkuug.dk)
 > > from the DKUUG on behalf of the ISO POSIX WG, ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG15.
 > Isn't the original site for the WG15-collection 
 > ftp://i44s10.info.uni-karlsruhe.de/pub/linux/ctype?

 I think ftp://dkuug.dk/i18n/WG15-collection is the original site for the
 WG15-collection... But original "archive" WG15-collection.linux.tar.gz
 is from ftp://i44s10.info.uni-karlsruhe.de/pub/linux/ctype. I'm not sure.
 > > I think we should use something like "WG15.??" for the original version and
 > > "locale" for the package name. But i haven't seen anything to ordering
 > > the version number... no special date, no special number... Any idea?
 > I'd prefer to name it wg15locale or somesuch.
 or maybe localewg15, like libc5?
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