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Bug#3175: xonix colors bad for colorblind

> [1] I'm not being `politically correct', it's just that
> `colourblindness' gives the impression of being unable to see (the
> relevant) colour differences at all.

8% of U.S. males are red-green color-blind. The defect is actually in the
pigment that colors the red-green receptor, and it's on the X chromosome so
that it generally happens to males, not females. 1% are impaired on one of
the other color axes. Very few have monochromatic vision.

Don't you just hate those bi-color red-green LEDs? I can't tell what color
they are at all. I need an ohmmeter to read resistors reliably, and I don't
pick colors for the movie. Other than that, it's never bothered me.

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