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Re: Can we have a /etc/debian in base?

Bruce Perens writes ("Re:  Can we have a /etc/debian in base?"):
> I would prefer that programs that test for debian use /var/lib/dpkg/status .
> The presence of this file implies that you can use the facilities of
> "dpkg" to determine the versions of various packages. I prefer this
> fine-granularity method to simply storing "1.1" in /etc/debian because
> many systems will be updated in a piecemal fashion.
> Someone please put this Q&A in a FAQ.

No, please don't use anything in /var/lib/dpkg without consulting with
me.  /var/lib/dpkg/status is a piece of dpkg's internals, and
shouldn't be messed with.

How about testing for /usr/bin/dpkg ?


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