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Bug#3194: keyword "auto" broken in "/etc/init.d/modules"

Package: modules
Version: 1.3.69k-1

The shell script "/etc/init.d/modules" allows the specification of a
keyword "auto", which means start the kerneld immediately.  This fails
to work, because the "/etc/init.d/kerneld" script refers to "grep",
which is not available at that time.

I ran into this problem while attempting to fix another, separately
reported, bug -- I was trying to get the "serial" module loaded early
enough to prevent errors when "/etc/rc.boot/0setserial" was run.  I
assumed that it was the intention that kerneld be running when
0setserial was run, so that the module would be available.

I don't have a good idea how to fix this, other than to move "grep" to
the root file system, or to change the "kerneld" script to not use it.

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