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Re: Pre-CD state

bruce@pixar.com (Bruce Perens) writes:

> > I'm working on a modification to mkisofs which will allow me to produce
> > bootable CDs for machines whose BIOSes support this.

Just so you know, the ZIP install worked fine once I figured out that
when you said to put base1_1.tgz onto the disk it had to be in a
subdir of root.  This was kind of a headache.  It looks for
/*/base1_1.tgz.  I also didn't realize that I still had to have the
debian boot disk.  I thought someone had said that it would read the
kernel from any disk you gave it.  I guess I misremembered.

Is there somewhere else you can put the boot stuff that it'll find it?

Anyway, other than that, good job.


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