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Bug#3189: nvi over-cautious about .exrc?

Package: nvi
Version: 1.34-7

I'm not sure if this is a "real" bug or just an unavoidable clash of
policies. All comments welcome.

On a system which is set up so that each user has their own group, it is
usual to have umask 002 so that files the user creates are group
writable. This can result in the following:

dave@chiark:~$ ls -l .exrc
-rw-rw-r--   1 dave     dave           32 Jun  2 22:38 .exrc
dave@chiark:~$ vi foo
[ vi (nvi) starts, giving the following error message ]
/u/dave/.exrc: not sourced: writeable by a user other than the owner.

This is clearly fixed by a quick chmod. But isn't nvi being a little
over-cautious here? vim has no such problem with my group-writable .exrc.


Dave Holland   <93djh2@eng.cam.ac.uk>   http://zenda.chu.cam.ac.uk/

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