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Questions about a locale Debian package...

I try to study a Debian package for locale...
Is there somebody working on the subject?

I have severals questions...

First, what must we put in this package?
	- the character map definition files? (2742Ko)
		(maybe only ISO* charmap? (433Ko))
	- the source collection of locale definition files? (1533Ko)
	- the compiled collection of locale definition files...? yes, of course! (495Ko) 
	(languages supported are:
kl_GL,lt_LT,lv_LV,nl_BE,nl_NL,no_NO,pl_PL,pt_PT,ro_RO,ru_RU,sl_SI,sv_FI,sv_SE    )		

Second, I've not seen lot's of things in the fsstnd-1.2 about
locale... I suggest these paths
	- charmap:		/usr/share/nls/charmap 
	- locales source:	/usr/share/nls/locale 
	- locales compiled:	/usr/lib/locale or /usr/share/locale?

Indeed, we may use "/usr/lib/locale" for the compiled locales
but we must then modify libc5... libc5 is just looking in the
/usr/share/locale directory.

Last, I use the WG15-collection.tar collected by Keld Simonsen (keld@dkuug.dk)
from the DKUUG on behalf of the ISO POSIX WG, ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG15.

I think we should use something like "WG15.??" for the original version and
"locale" for the package name. But i haven't seen anything to ordering
the version number... no special date, no special number... Any idea?

Christophe Le Bars - Email : clebars@teaser.fr, clebars@debian.org
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