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Re: ae/ncurses bug localized

On Sat, 1 Jun 1996, Bruce Perens wrote:

>I managed to build a version of "ae" that works with the latest ncurses
>library. I did it by removing the -DTERMIOS flag from debian.rules when
>I built "ae". This localizes the problem to one function that performs
>line input for "ae". I will use this to build the boot floppies (I
>bumped the "ae" revision to -5). I would greatly appreciate if you guys
>would figure out if the problem is in "ae" or ncurses and take the
>appropriate action. Bill, if you upload "ae" please make it -6 or higher.

As it happens, I recently uploaded a -5 version.

However, I'll be uploading a -6 version shortly which seems to successfully
avoid this problem by calling raw() and noraw() instead of manipulating
the term.c_lflag flag bits.

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