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Bug#3181: apropos in package man depends on package bsdmainutils

In article <m0uQAj0-000PaUC@gretel.pregler.priv.at> you write:
># dpkg -s man
>Package: man
>Status: install ok installed
>Priority: important
>Section: doc
>Maintainer: Alvar Bray <alvar@debian.org>
>Version: 2.3.10-11
>Depends: groff, libc5, libgdbm1
>Invoking 'mandb -c' calls 'col' which is contained in package
>'bsdmainutils'. Since I did not install that package functions such as
>'apropos' did not work for me. So I think package 'man' should depend on
>'bsdmainutils' or maybe you move 'col' to package bsdutils.

Thanks for your bug report; I've reassigned it to the man package.

Alvar, can you make the change, please?


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