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Bug#3184: xonix creates /var/lib/games world writable!

Package: xonix
Version: 1.4-2

I've been recently investigating the permissions on /var/lib/games,
and there seems to be a lack of consensus about what its permissions
need to be.

Xonix is the worst offender, making /var/lib/games with permissions:

 drwxr-xrwx root/root         0 Feb  5 21:10 1996 var/lib/games/

This is a *very* bad idea.  If xonix is the first game installed, then
/var/lib/games will be created world writable!

This needs to be fixed in xonix now, but also a policy decision needs
to be made as to what the correct permissions on /var/lib/games should
be (see my other bug report).


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