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Re: Bug#3146: 1.1 installation: ae doesn't work

Raul Miller:
 > > Why is help=F1 a problem here when it's not a problem in your
 > > custom map?

Bill Mitchell:
 > What got us started on this was a need to support terminals which
 > do not have function keys.  My modifications to our current
 > function-key based map accepted loss of nonessential functionality,
 > and left nonessential functions mapped to unaliased function keys.
 > My presumption is that the motivation in going to this map is to
 > achieve more functionality on function-key-less terminals and,
 > accepting thqat, the sole function still mapped to a (possibly
 > nonexistant) function key looks to me like a problem.

Yes, more functionality on control keys is nice.  Working with the
upstream standard is also nice.

 > I always have to run ae while reading the menu anyhow.  I guess I'm
 > more comfortable using one-handed c9ommand keystrokes with which
 > I'm not familar than two-handed command keystrokes with which I'm
 > not familiar.

This is valid.

Over the long run, the real question is: how long will this survive?


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