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I've uploaded a new pcmcia package to master.  It has
now joined all my previous uploads in the Incoming

I'd like to take a quick survey.  Anyone who has
actually found and tried my pcmcia package, send me
some mail.  Tell me if it worked or if it didn't.
Mostly, I'm curious to see if anyone else is
actually using it.  For all I know, it only works
on my machine.  I'd be awfully embarassed if
pcmcia made it into a bunch of 1.1 CDs but didn't
work for anyone.  Only you can tell me that.


I've been planning on integrating pcmcia with the
kernel package, as mentioned earlier.  Simon has
suggested this would be done best with a modules
add-on to the kernel and the supporting programs
and scripts packaged seperately.  I'd prefer the
seperate package also be complete (i.e. have 
modules for at least one kernel).  I have 
temporarily put the kernel add-on on the back
burner.  With the immenent release, I don't think
I have time to try and make sure something will
compile and build on someone else's setup.

For that matter, it has been nearly two weeks
since my first pcmcia upload.  We've less than
that until release.  Are any of my packages going
to be in the release?  let alone the recent ones?
Maybe there isn't time to incorporate all of the
packages for release and pcmcia is out.  Let me
know, OK?


Anyway, here's my notes on the new pcmcia-cs

o Based off of pcmcia-cs 2.8.15

o Based off of the 1.3.100 kernel.  It will install
  on other systems, but a warning is displayed if
  you have another kernel.  If you have the pcmcia
  modules for your kernel, I expect it will run.

o Changed the startup scripts from 45/52 or some-such
  to 10/90.  This way pcmcia gets loaded early and unloaded
  late.  Thanks to a very appropriate observation from
  Brian Mays (more changes he suggested will follow in
  the next release).

o Stripped the support programs  :) Hey, what can I say?

So far, none of these changes have required that I alter
the original pcmcia sources.  I will avoid doing so as
much as possible.  The X tool is not yet included as I
have yet to get the xforms library.  It has been suggested
that the tool be compiled statically, when I do get xforms.
This has the added advantage of eliminating the requirement
that users have xforms.


Anyway, its in Incoming.
Maybe it'll be in misc by
the time cuts are being made.

I think my next release will be made when Bruce, or anyone,
tells me the kernel version the Release's install will provide.
I know it will change after the release date, but it'd be nice
to at least start out in synch.


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