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Bug#3130: sysvinit init.d/network script buglet

Package: sysvinit

From: Lukas Nellen <lukas@teorica0.ifisicacu.unam.mx>

To me, it looks like there is a small bug in the way the networking
gets configured in the base system. The problem is the loopback
network AFAIK, no packet addressed to any address on that
network should ever leave the local host. Instead, the loopback
interface on the local machine has to accept ALL such packets, not
just those sent to Could someone confirm that or point me
to a document which states the contrary?

However, in the configuration that was shipped at least with the disks
dated end of April, 127.x.y.z, except, is sent to the
default gateway.

The way out it to add the line
	route add -net
	route add -net dev lo
after the line
	route add
in /etc/init.d/network.

BTW, it seems to be sufficient to have only
	ifconfig lo
	route add -net
in /etc/init.d/network to configure the loopback interface. However,
I'm not sure if that just happens to work by chance. Could someone who
knows the documented requirements of the interface and routing setup
in linux provide an `offical and stable' setup? I don't want to
suggest something that might break when the networking code in the
kernel changes.

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