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Re: S-lang availabe from my ftp site for testing

> > There are a few other nuances (the -dev package usually both provides and
> > conflicts with PKG-dev, so that you don't install two at once).  You
> > might want to look at the control file info for libc5 and libc5-dev, for
> > instance, since they were the initial testing ground for all of this.
> I'm not convinced that you want to encode the soname in the developer
> support package too.  What's wrong with just PKG-dev-VER ?  (libc5 is
> a special case, because you also want to be able to have libc4-dev.)

I include the version indication in all of my -dev package names for
two reasons.  First, it makes it blatantly obvious which development
package goes with which run-time package.  Second, it makes it less
likely someone will think the older version has been obsoleted by the
newer version and delete it.

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