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Re: Underscores: cgi_modules, npasswd_boulder, ucbmpeg_play

'Ian Jackson wrote:'
>Underscores are not permitted in package names.  They haven't been for
>some time, but dpkg-deb has only started checking this at build time
>recently (and dpkg still supports them for backward compatibility).

My package npasswd_boulder should be moved to project_experimental or
project_obsolete.  I released it because the old Debian passwd program
allowed passwd's that > 50% of one of my clients customers were cracked
by crack.  So I needed something better.  The new passwd package makes
some attempt at sanity checking passwds and hence is /probably/ secure
enough for my needs.  Is anyone investigating these things?  Moreover,
Marek thinks npasswd is insecure in some subtle way that my small brain
couldn't grasp (I saved his email in case I eventually read the new
O'Reilly book on security :).  I'd like to keep the package around, but
place it somewhere out of the way.

Would I still need to spend any time repackaging it?  I hope not, I'm
moving next week and want to do other more important things this
weekend :)  [Like release slang :)]

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