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Re: Bug#3068: gzip package must not include compress link

arrouye@marin.fdn.fr (Yves Arrouye)  wrote on 21.05.96 in <199605210002.CAA20641@marin.fdn.fr>:

> Stephen Early writes:
>  > Package: gzip
>  > Version: 1.2.4-10
>  >
>  > The gzip package contains a link from /bin/compress to /bin/gzip. It must
>  > not do this; some people (me, for instance) depend on 'compress' being a
>  > _real_ compress.
>  >
>  > It is alright to have an 'uncompress' link, as gzip can cope with files
>  > produced by 'compress'.
> Please do not keep the uncompress link! I will make a compress package
> available with both compress/uncompress and I think it would be bad to
> have both packages test for the other's links while installing.

Please do keep the uncompress link! People who don't install the compress  
package would not have one otherwise.

Perhaps this is an example for update-alternatives(sp?), just like the vi  

MfG Kai

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