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Re: Bug#3043: locale warning during mirror

**Le 19 May, Dans l'article Bug#3043: locale warning during mirror,
**	Juha Heinanen (Juha Heinanen <jh@lohi.dat.tele.fi>) écrivait:
JH>   I suspect that is a problem with perl as there is no interaction between
JH>   mirror and locale:
JH>	    edd@miles:~/debian/mirror-2.8> egrep "locale|LC_" *
JH>	    egrep: support: Is a directory
JH> ...
JH>i have in .cshrc
JH>setenv LC_CTYPE iso_8859_1
JH> ...

Yes, lot's of programs have problems with 'locale'... if you
use LANG, LC_TYPE, etc... because we haven't yet the locale support...

JH>       setlocale(3), localeconf(3), locale(1), localedef(1)
JH>Linux                     April 24, 1993                        3
JH>there doesn't namely exist locale(1) nor localedef(1):

I think we should have locale(1) and localedef(1) somewhere in a package...
Where are the source for this two binaries? In libc5?

A 'locale' package with pre-compliled locale definition files is
good (Christian Hudon will make a package like that), but maybe
users want to use locale(1) and localedef(1) thenself with their
own locale definition files...

Christophe Le Bars - Email: clebars@teaser.fr

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