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Bug#3043: locale warning during mirror

   I suspect that is a problem with perl as there is no interaction between
   mirror and locale:
	    edd@miles:~/debian/mirror-2.8> egrep "locale|LC_" *
	    egrep: support: Is a directory

   As I don't have a locale set here, I can't really do anything about
  it. Could you email me in private what you did to set a locale?

i have in .cshrc

setenv LC_CTYPE iso_8859_1

which i copied when i junked my sparcstation.

on the other hand man locale tells:

       At the moment, the only locales supported by Linux are the
       portable "C" , "POSIX"  (identical  to  the  "C"  locale),
       "ISO-8859-1"  (european  latin-1)  and  "KOI-8"  (russian)

so the spelling of the iso locale is different.  i tried to change the
spelling, but it didn't help:

lohi:~% setenv LC_CTYPE ISO-8859-1
lohi:~% mirror
warning: setlocale(LC_CTYPE, "") failed.
warning: LC_ALL = "(null)", LC_CTYPE = "ISO-8859-1", LANG = "(null)",
warning: falling back to the "C" locale.

can it be so that ISO-8859-1 was not installed when i installed debian
beta?  in /usr/lib/locale i have:

lohi:~% cd /usr/lib/locale/
lohi:/usr/lib/locale% ls

and en_GB is empty:

lohi:/usr/lib/locale% cd en_GB/
lohi:/usr/lib/locale/en_GB% ls

i'm not so familiar with this locale concept and i'm not completely
lost.  it seems that i'm not alone, since also the man page is bogus:

lohi:/usr/lib/locale% man locale

LOCALE(7)           Linux Programmer's Manual           LOCALE(7)
       setlocale(3), localeconf(3), locale(1), localedef(1)

Linux                     April 24, 1993                        3

there doesn't namely exist locale(1) nor localedef(1):

lohi:~% man 1 locale
No manual entry for locale in section 1
lohi:~% locale
locale: Command not found.
lohi:~% man localedef
No manual entry for localedef
lohi:~% localedef
localedef: Command not found.

-- juha

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