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Re: Xterminals, NFS, and tftp: need advice

> 1) Is there a reason why the version of tftp that does chroot'ing isn't
> included in the Linux distribution?

It is, at least in the unstable/1.1 netbase; just add "-s pathname" to
the in.tftpd line in /etc/inetd.conf. (this covers questions 2 and 3
as well, so...)

> 4) Am I right in suspecting that NFS will burden the host substantially more
> than tftp?

The X-terminal probably uses NFS, as it does TFTP, for a short burst
right at boot time; the load either way is negligible. If you're not
*already* using NFS, don't start just for this; on the other hand, if
you are using NFS, it might likewise be more convenient to use it to
boot the X-terminal.

There can be security reasons not to run NFS, or not to let the
X-terminals have access to NFS, in which case you want to use tftpd

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