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Re: Bug#3057: pcmcia-cs kernel-source dependency

From: Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@pilgrim.umass.edu>

> I think you should not be overly concerned with yet another
> module supplied with the default kernel (we have all kinds of cards
> supported via modules anyway), unless that creates a problem with the
> boot floppies because of it's size, (Bruce?)

As it happens, the kernel + modules is already too large for a 1200K
floppy, and we have to go to a second floppy for less-used modules. The 1440K
floppy won't be far behind, as every device on earth is being added to Linux.
So, I have some room on this second floppy for PCMCIA stuff.

> I think supporting laptop pcmcia out of the box is quite important. 

I think so too.



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