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Bug#3066: a.out binaries in various packages

Craig Sanders <cas@taz.net.au>

> My semi-automated a.out binary checker has detected that the following
> packages installed on my system contain a.out binaries:
> ii  elv-ctags       1.8pl4-20      generate "tags" and (optionally) "refs" file
> ii  elv-fmt         1.8pl4-20      Adjust line-length for paragraphs of text

Unless you have some special requirement for them, these should be
"dpkg --remove"d from your system.

the elvis-1.8pl4 packages have been superseded by elvis-2.0
packages, and are no longer supported.

The elvis flavor of the fmt program has been dropped from the
Debian 1.x distribution in favor of the textutils flavor, and
there is no Debian elvisfmt-2.0 package.

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