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Re: Pdksh problem

Michael Meskes <meskes@informatik.rwth-aachen.de> said:

> Why is it installed in /bin now? Is it needed for the boot process? I think
> it should go into /usr/bin. 

It's installed in /bin to get it onto the root filesystem.

It's on the root filesystem so that if there's a startup
problem such that /usr never gets mounted, a full-screen
editor will nonetheless be available.

It's been back and forth a few times.  My early working versions
went in /bin.  When I released it, Bruce P. asked me to put it in
/usr/bin.  Recently, the issue of having a full screen editor available
in startup error situations resurfaced, and Bruce asked me to move it
back to /bin.

>                                  BTW if it remains in /bin that breaks
> /etc/shells which has the entry /usr/bin/ksh.

I don't understand how the ae editor being installed as /bin/ae vs.
/usr/bin/ae could break /etc/shells.

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