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Bug#3067: broken libXaw3d

Package: xaw3d
Version: 1.2a-3
Debian: 1.1

The symbolic link created in the /usr/src/X11R6/lib directory points, not
into the Xaw3d directory, but to the local one. Thus programs tyring to
link in Xaw3d will fail since the link points to nothing!

Also the headers are not included :(


create a couple of new symbolic links and point the last symbolic link
into the Xaw3d dir:

libXaw3d.so -> libXaw3d.so.6.0
libXaw3d.so.6 -> libXaw3d.so.6.0
libXaw3d.so.6.0 -> Xaw3d/libXaw.so.6.0


include the headers...


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