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Bug#3037: sort of a bug with Debian Linux 0.93

Bill Mitchell writes ("Bug#3037: sort of a bug with Debian Linux 0.93"):
> It's a documentation problem, I think.
> The boot and root files should be uncompressed into an image
> which should be placed on floppy.  The base files are already
> images, and should not be uncompressed.  They should be placed
> of floppies as-is.
> As I recall, the 0.93 base files are compressed cpio archives, and
> they are uncompressed as they are read from the floppies.

I know it's a waste of CPU and a small amount of disk space, but can't
we compress the already-compressed base images again ?

This would stop this question from coming up again and again.

Remember that the computer is there to serve us !


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