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Bug#3037: sort of a bug with Debian Linux 0.93

>    It's not a bug, but it's a definite problem with Debian
> Linux 0.93 as gotten from FTP off the WWW.  The floppy disk
> images that I downloaded (1440_Root_Floppy, etc), when
> uncompressed and placed on the floppies themselves, are too
> large to fit on a formatted floppy.  I get about 99% of the
> transfer complete before the disk is completely full.

It's a documentation problem, I think.

The boot and root files should be uncompressed into an image
which should be placed on floppy.  The base files are already
images, and should not be uncompressed.  They should be placed
of floppies as-is.

As I recall, the 0.93 base files are compressed cpio archives, and
they are uncompressed as they are read from the floppies.

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