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Re: Debian preferred maintainer pgp key parameters?

On Sat, 18 May 1996, David Frey wrote:
>Generating a new key, only for changing your e-Mail address is overkill
>[... example ...]

Great.  I hadn't previously been thru an email address change involving
pgp.  Looks like the situation is well covered.

>Bill> What's preferred -- 512, 768, or 1024 bits?
>1024 bits.

My current key has 768 bits.  I'll start using a 1024 bit key.
I don't think there's any problem with just changing over at
thsi time, since the only thing I'm using it for is dchanges
and uploading packages, and the upload site end isn't (yet)
verifying pgp signatures.

>Hope this helps,

It sure does.  Thanks.

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