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upgrade of xfig?

Your new xfig maintainer speaking:

Xfig 3.1.4 has been out some time now, and I would like to upgrade
the debian package to this. This patch-level (debian is 3.1.3)
fixes one obscure bug: certain xfig patterns, if exported to
postscript, would produce a black stain if included in TeX
(using psfig, dvips).

This in itself would probably mean I'd have to upgrade the debian
package immediately (trying to fix as much bugs as possible for 1.1)
but, 3.1.4 also does: including of jpeg files / screen shots,
and exporting to jpeg. Features that I'm sure lot's of people are
waiting for, but might introduce new bugs.

So, what's the idea: should I upload xfig-3.1.4-1 tomorrow, or
should I wait until after 1.1's release (and when is that?)

joost witteveen
Use Debian Linux!

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