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Bug#2982: ntpdate called at bootup

Michael Shields writes ("Re:Bug#2982"):
> At 1996-05-14 05:15  +0000, Bdale Garbee wrote:
> >I'd suggest that, as a compromise, the postinst could ask the user if he
> >wants ntpdate run once, or at every boot, or not at all.  I would routinely
> >pick 'at every boot' for my hosts, since I also own and operate the lower
> >stratum servers my Debian box chimes with, and trust is less an issue than PC
> >hardware reliability.
> This sounds like a good idea.  (It should also explain in the prompt what
> ntpdate does.)  Different environments have different needs.

Surely the correct solution is to add an option to xntpd to tell it
`believe the servers rather than the local clock when they are wildly
different', so that instead of exiting it warps the local clock
straight away.

If the maintainer agrees, please don't close this bug ...


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