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Re: New and Updated Tcl/Tk Packages

> >> >> But how can I upgrade from one to the other?
> >> >
> >> >The same way you switch between any mutually exclusive packages --
> >> >uninstall one and then install the other.
> >> 
> >> Yuk, I think it should be automatic.
> >
> >Sorry, but the conversion from Tcl/Tk 7.4/4.0 to 7.5/4.1 is not a
> >simple upgrade so I don't think it should be automatic.  However, if
> >you can gain a consensus on debian-devel, I'll reconsider.
> After some pain dselect walked me through the upgrade.
> Or so I thought:
> Errors were encountered while processing:
>  /space/debian/binary/devel/tk41-dev-4.1-1.deb
>  /space/debian/binary/devel/tcl75-dev-7.5-1.deb
> The obscurity of these errors bothers me ... how will a newbie deal
> with it?  I know how to use dpkg --force, but will our new users?
> Maybe it's a deselect bug??

What were the errors?  --force-* shouldn't be needed.

> IMHO, if deselect can't do it, then it requires too much guru-hood to
> install it.  Maybe it's better not to offer the package at all?

Not offerring both Tcl/Tk 7.4/4.0 and 7.5/4.1 is not an option at this
point.  Some packages need one and other packages will need the other.
Eventually, everything will be updated to use 7.5/4.1 and we could then
possibly drop 7.4/4.0 but that won't be for a while.

> Note: somehow debian-devel isn't included in this discussion, I think.
> Feel free to post this thread there - virtually anything I say should
> be considered public :)

OK.  I'm pretty sure you were the one who dropped debian-devel from
the CC list.  I figured you wanted to take things private so that's
how I left it.

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