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Bug#3014: slrn installation scripts fail

Package: slrn

When I attempted to install slrn, the installation script failed.
I expected either slrn to be completely installed, or not installed
at all and notified of a dependency problem.

Here's the transcript.  From this, it looks like the script prompted me
whether to get the file in the background.   In fact, it never gave me
a chance to respond.

# dpkg -i slrn*
Selecting previously deselected package slrn.
(Reading database ... 19908 files and directories currently installed.)
Unpacking slrn (from slrn- ...
Setting up slrn ...
You don't have a newsgroupsdescription-file on your system. slrn uses this
file to speed up startup-time. Do you want me to get one now ? If you answer
yes to this question, I will get it in the background, so you can continue
with whatever you want, just as long as you don't reboot till I'm done.
Can't open configure: No such file or directory
Can't open <unknown>: No such file or directory
Get one now Y/y N/n ? [Y] Getting file in background
Expecting string argument.
/etc/news/slrn.rc: Unsupported option on line 9

I am using Debian 1.1 beta, kernel 1.3.64, libc5-5.2.18-6, perl-5.002-7
No other news software installed on my machine.

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