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Re: Inclusion of kernel version in kernel package names: A followup

On Wed, 15 May 1996, Bill Mitchell wrote:

> Perhaps some sort of roll-your-own-kernel kit would be a good idea.
> Something along the lines of a package which would unpack into a
> pre-positioned kernel source tree at /usr/src/linux, such that "make
> config", followed by "make -f debian.rules binary", would produce a
> homegrown installable kernel package.

yep, with the one change that there should be a "custom" target.

the standard "kernel_image" target overrides the user's kernel config
with the default debian config.

the debian.rules should include something like:

    touch stamp-configure

custom: custom-stamp kernel_image

this would produce a ../kernel_image.<version-arch>.deb package which could
be installed by dpkg in the normal way.

i've had to do this by hand a few times.  it would be convenient to just
have a standard "custom" target.

(note: this is from my memory not my notes, so it may not be 100%
accurate...but I had to do something very much like this)


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